Beauty bits I've been loving recently

EN: Hellooo there! It's been a hot minute since we talked about some make up on this blog and I think it's about time to do so! Of course I have to talk about some gems I've stumbled across these past few months and share them with you!

First let's talk about skin. I've been loving a more natural coverage these months! So I decided to purchase The Ordinary Serum Foundation (Colour 1.0 N- peeeerfect match for fair skintones). It  looks so natural, like you don't have anything on your face, but still manages to cover discolouration. It is really longlasting on my skin, but I do need a good moisturiser underneath, which was a bit strange, given it's name, which is "serum", but hey it works amazing and I have already made a second order on Cult Beauty to get a darker shade for the summer months! Sticking to the natural skin theme, I finally got around to trying the Rimmel Wake me up Concealer. It has light to medium coverage but looks so smooth under the eyes! But if you are a full and even a medium coverage girl, oh boy you will not like the coverage on this one, for me though it is perfectt! I also tried the Rimmel Insta Fix & Matte powder. Being a long time fan of their Stay Matte version I wanted to try this new one and so far I am really impressed. You can re-apply during the day withought making your face look cakey and it is tranlusent which for me is a bonus since every powder turns pink on my face!

Now for bronzer... Listen I live in Greece, so you can imagine that a fair girl like me needs some bronzing action. (I mean it is April and we have 30 degrees!) So I decided to go for the Body Shop Honey Bronze aaand let me tell you.. It is the perfect warm bronzer for fair girls! Unfortunately it does not go deep enough, but for once I could find some thing that wouldn't make me look like an oomba loomba! It also lasts for ages! 

For my favourite part, which is of course highlight I cannot, not mention the Smashbox Spotlight palette (I have it in the shade Pear). It has 3 shades, which are all suitable for my skin tone, but I love the lighter more yellow-y one! This highlighter is one of the most intense I have ever seen, but it looks soooo natural! You cannot spot a single speck of glitter of your face. Even though it is a powder is looks like a melted glow on you cheeks. Amaaaazing! (well now to be honest the 3rd shade is a more glittery one and I do not use it- especially every day, maaaaaybe for a night out- but the other two are amazing)

Now for lips I want to talk about something I have already mentioned. And that is the Clinique Pop lipsticks, just because I do not hear anyone talk about them. I have mine in the shade 23 and it is an amazing wearable neutral shade for everyday. It is moisturising but not sticky and for that type of lipstick it last a fair amount of time on your lips. But you can definitely re-apply during the day! I love it and I definitely want to get more colours!

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