The best Body Lotion for every season

Moisturising your body is very important. However the question is, how can I find the perfect body lotion for each season of the year. So today I thought I would give you some of my suggestions that may help you.

 During summer and spring, you want something light weight, that absorbs quickly and does not feel sticky on your skin. The ones that I suggest are;

1. Zara Home: Black vanilla: A sweet but still subtle scent, very moisturising and absorbs quickly. A perfect option for those of you who really like sweet and deeper scents, which are not too heavy.

2. Fresh Line - Pomegranate: There are no words for this body lotion. It is one of my faves, excellent smell and texture, find full review here.

3. Neutrogena - Nordic Berry: This is a very light weight lotion that smells really fresh and feels like nothing on the skin. Totally recommend it!

4. Armani - Armani Code: I'm a huge fan of the Armani Code perfume for so many years. So it is only fair to say that it's body lotion is just as good! Very deep and feminine scent, perfect for special occasions.

 During the colder months we want something rich in consistency, which provides us with a lot of moisture, my favourite body lotion for that reason are:

1. AROMA - Sesame oil and Laurel oil: I love this moisturiser because not only does it make my skin feel very soft, but it also has a great scent that last for a very long time!

2. Sephora - Vanilla: You can tell that I love sweet scents by know, but this one is absolutely great. Very rich but not greasy consistency. The scent lasts for many hours and makes your skin feel smooth and moisturised.

3. The Body Shop - Body Butter in Frosted Cranberry: This one is part of Body Shop's christmas edition, so it is great for the winter time. Adorable scent and very moisturising on the skin!


  1. Lovely post! I love anything from the body shop!! Their moisturizers are amazing! <3

    Amelia |

  2. What the did I not know that Zara was doing beauty now!? I know they started doing perfumes a while back but HELLO NEW BEAUTY RANGE. I am SO getting my hands on some of that moisturiser, love the packaging!

    Katie. xx La Coco Noire

    1. It is from the Zara Home department! As far as I know they just have homeware, candles, soaps and body lotions. I haven't seen any make up thought! But you should try out their lotions and candles!


  3. πολύ ωραίο θέμα λατρεύω τα body butter από the bodyshop <3 αν θες ρίξε μια ματιά στο :

  4. A very comprehensive review!!! Thank you Kat.