Kiko Cosmetics review

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For the past few months I've been collecting some makeup items from Kiko Cosmetics. Kiko is a great and at the same time a very affordable brand and most of it's products perform as high end quality. So in this post I will talk about some of my favourite products and some new discoveries and give you a review on them.

Smart Lipstick: I 've had some lipsticks from this range and I was really impressed by their pigmentation and their wearing time, so I decided to expand my collection because not only are they beautiful they are also very affordable.These products are so easy to apply and they don't dry my lips at all. However I have to mention that some shades have a different formula, mainly those ones with a slight simmer in them and I have to say they are not my favourite. They feel more like a lip balm rather than a lipstick and they are not as pigmented, which is not always bad depending on what you are looking for.
Colours in order as shown in the photo above:
935 - Dark Chocolate
909 - Cherry Red
914 - Amaranth
917 - Mauve pink
906 - Peach
908 - True Red
   The 917 and 206 are the those with a shimmer in them and they do not have as great pigmentation as the others.  

Kiko single eye shadows: Probably one of my most favourite eye shadows I believe. The pigmentation is great and they blend very easily. I have another palette from Kiko, but I bought it a year ago and I believe it was a limited edition one so I did not show it on this post, but since I've had this palette I had fallen in love with Kiko's eye shadows so I got some single ones to try out other colours and they are absolutely beautiful!
Two eye shadows on the front: 210 - Satin Brick ( left)  and 220 - Metallic Golden Rose (right)
Eyeshadow on the back of the photo: 131 - Satin Coffee

 Shade Fusion Trio Blush - 03 Abricot: This is a new purchase of mine which I have to say I really like. First of all the packaging is adorable and feels like high end. In addition to that, the product itself performs perfectly. The pigmentation and the blend ability are great. Also I really like the concept, since there are three different shades which you can blend all together with your brush and apply on your cheeks, but you can also use every shade separately as an eyeshadow. The colour selection is great as well. If you are looking for a great blush I definitely suggest you try it!

Bronzer Powder - 100 Honey Beige: Personally I was to scared to try using a bronzer because I have very pale skin so I thought it would look unnatural. But when I tried this one I changed my mind completely. It is not too orange nor too grey so it works perfectly for my skin tone. I have also noticed that it stays all day and I don't have to reapply which really impressed me. Great an affordable product and has also many other shades to choose from.

Luscious Cream Lipstick- Creamy Lipstick - 512 Plum: This is the one in the middle of the photo. It is a great colour and very moisturising. If you don't like mat formula then those would be the perfect choice!

Velvet Mat - Satin Lipstick: For long time now I have been loving those lipsticks. I generally prefer a mat lipstick especially if it is a dark colour. I fell like I have a better control and they do not transfer so easily. Even though they are mat they are not drying and you can reapply during the day, unlike some other mat lipsticks. Also I love the packaging which is rose gold and very elegant. I totally recommend them to everybody!
602 Natural Rose ( bottom of the photo)
614 Dark Berry ( top of the photo)

Kiko - Nail Polish: If you can't already tell from the photos, I have a serious obsession with Kiko nail Polish. I have tried many different brands but none of them perform as well as those nail polishes. They are so easy to apply, they dry very quickly and most importantly they last for a VERY long time. Sometimes I even go over a week wearing these any with a few touch ups!

Skin Trainer: Last time I placed an order on Kiko I thought I would try a product from their skin care section. As I'm trying to improve my skin care this product sounded very interesting. It is supposed to recharge your skin with energy, moisturise, increase cellular oxygenation and smooth out your skin.   Now I cannot give you my full impression on this product because I will see it's results in a longer period of time!

Those are my personal thoughts on some of the Kiko products. Can't wait to try some more of their stuff! 


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